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Using ArcGIS


As part of the promotion of data-driven science at Tohoku University, we (CDS) have concluded a site license agreement* for ArcGIS, software for handling geospatial information.
Please make use of this software for your classes and research.
Please refer to the guide for usage, ID, and password.
*Contracts will be reviewed each fiscal year in light of usage and may be cancelled (not renewed).



Date Updates
8 August, 2022 This page is now available.

About ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a world-standard GIS (Geographic Information System) provided by Esri, Inc. It allows users to freely create digital maps and search, manipulate, and edit location data on those maps.
For more information, please visit the Esri website (Japanese and English).
You can also read about ArcGIS applications and the latest trends on Esri’s blog
(Japanese and English).

Terms and Conditions

・University members: Students, faculty and staff, including part-time faculty and staff, who have been issued a Google account for the university can use the software free of charge. (The license period is until March 2023. Contracts for the next and subsequent years will be announced on this page and elsewhere as soon as they are finalized.)
・You can use it for educational purposes such as classes, and for research.
・The software can be installed and used not only on university computers but also on personal computers. Although a sufficient number of licenses are available, please do not install them thoughtlessly.
・It is forbidden to give an account to anyone who is not a member of the University to use the software.
If you leave the University after graduation or separation from the University, you will not be able to use the software.


The following are available as major GIS software.
Other services are also available free of charge while you are member of the University.

Service Contents
ArcGIS Pro Windows version only: Installed and used in a local environment. System Requirements
ArcGIS Online Web version: For MacOS and other users who have difficulty setting up a Windows virtual environment. System Requirements

ArcGIS Pro Install Guide

ArcGIS Online is available from the “Map” tab after you log in to < >

User Support

Tohoku University does not provide individual user support.
Please refer to the FAQ on operation in the ESRI Japan Support Service.

Other Resources

・ArcGIS Documentation Archive
 Setup and easy usage of each product are introduced.

・Learn ArcGIS
 E-Learning materials for practical learning of each product.