Center for Data-driven Science and Artificial Intelligence Tohoku University

about CDS

As the digitization of society accelerates rapidly, a large amount of data is collected and accumulated, and as such data is utilized in society, new innovations are being created one after another. In order not only to expand business opportunities but also to tackle various issues facing humankind, a wide range of human resources with the background and ability to utilize data science and AI are required. In October 2019, the Tohoku University Data-Driven Science and AI Education and Research Center was founded to develop human resources who will lead the data-driven society through advanced education and research in the fields of mathematical and data science and AI.

As an education-and-research facility of a research leading university, in addition to enhancing and developing education and research in the fields of mathematics, data science, and AI, it is one of the missions of the center to advance education at our university through research and development and support related to the digitization of education.

For achieving the missions, the center is contributing to the education and research of our university with the following five divisions:

  • Division for Data Science
  • Division for Artificial Intelligence
  • Division for Digital Learning
  • Division for Data Assets and Information Security
  • Division for Information Technology

In the future, we would like to further promote cooperation with other universities, regions, and industry, and contribute to the development and penetration of the fields of mathematics, data science, and AI. We appreciate your support for these activities of the Center.

Center for Data-Driven Science and Artificial Intelligence
Director Yoshinori Hayakawa