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Notice from the center(SERVICE)

Introduction of “LARS,” a service for visualizing the activities on ISTU/DC (for faculty only)


Dear Faculty Members

We have started operating the “Learning Activity Report System (LARS)”, a service related to ISTU/DC that visualizes the activity history of students for each class (course).
Please access the following page from your browser and log in with your Tohoku University account to check the student activity in ISTU/DC for the classes you are in charge of.

– Please note that this site is only guaranteed to work with Google Chrome; Microsoft Edge and Firefox can also be used, but may not work as expected.
– The activity is only displayed for students who have accessed ISTU/DC at least once for the course. If the activities do not exist on ISTU/DC for the course, it will not be displayed, even if they are registered students.

Please refer to the attached document for other detailed instructions.

This service is only for checking the access status on ISTU/DC, and it is assumed that you are using ISTU/DC regularly in your classes.
If you have not used ISTU/DC before, please take this opportunity to try it together with LARS.

Center for Data-Driven Science and AI