Renewal of
the Email Service for Students (DCMail)
Tohoku University

We are planning renewal of the email service for students in this June.
This page provides information about the renewal of the email service.
The online guide of the new email service is here.
(Update: June 18)

1. Schedule

DateThe current serviceThe new service
Until June 16, 2019Normal service(In preparation)
From June 17, 2019 to Sep. 29, 2019
(Transitional period)
Restricted service
  • You can login the webmail service.
  • You can access and archive your mailboxes.
  • New mails DO NOT arrive. The mail forwarding rule does not operate.
  • You CANNOT send mails.
The service starts
  • All new mails arrive.
  • You can send mails.
  • The mail forwarding rule operates. However, you have to configure the forwarding rule by yourself.
After Sep. 30, 2019End of service
  • You CANNOT access any service including the webmail.

2. Brief Introduction of the New Service

2.1 Users

The service is provided for all students of Tohoku University, including all undergraduate and graduate students. In order to use the new service, you don't need to take any registration procedure.

2.2 Email Addresses

2.3 User Authentication

Your authentication code for the new service is DIFFERENT from that for the current service. We will announce it later.

3. What You Have to Do for the Renewal

3.1 How to Get Your Initial Password and Login

Confirm your ID, intial password, etc. Then login, and configure your own secret password in place of the initial password. For details, see Section 3 of DCMail in Online Guide.

3.2 Archive Your MailBox in the current service (if needed)

You CANNOT access the current service after Sep. 30, 2019 at all. If you need, you have to archive your mailbox in the current service by Sep. 29, 2019.

(Update June 18)

3.3 (Re)Configure Forwarding Rules

Due to the technical reason, the mail forwarding rules you have configured in the current service are NOT applied to the new system automatically. So please (re)configure the forwarding rules in the new service as soon as possible after June 17, 2019. We will announce how to do it later.

3.4 Configure Your Email Application

The authentication mechanism (including User-ID and Passwords) and the server-setting information will be updated for the new service. After June 17, 2019, you have to configure your account information and the server-setting information on your email application. We will announce how to do it later.